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We asked our customers what work was like before they used VRScheduler. And how it’s improved after switching to VRScheduler. Read their replies. Wow, what a difference.

"VR Scheduler is dynamic, robust software that enables us to task and schedule every activity in our vacation rental business. "
- Quinn T.
Vice President- Business Development
"VRScheduler has be been a game changer for my department. We were dealing with inefficiencies, excessive man hours scheduling and keeping track of all the operations within the department, A LOT of human error. All of these issues have been eliminated and have improved our efficiency, consistency and overall accountability. "
- Tiffany S.
Housekeeping Manager
"My company is more organized than it has ever been. VRScheduler has provided me the tool to minimize operational costs while increasing our quality of services provided."
- Skylar M.
"VRS has been an amazing tool when coordinating our housekeeping teams and schedules. Virtually no bugs and customer support has been prompt and extremely helpful. "
- Tyler L.
Chief Technology Officer
"This software streamlines my entire business making my job run smoother and more efficient. Easy to use and train others to use as well. "
- Sheila B.
"My overall experience with VRScheduler has been nothing but positive."
- Asha R.
Operations Coordinator
"Excellent. Customer support is unmatched!"
- Cathy F.
Operations MGR
"We looked at a number of products. It took us about 6 months to find VRScheduler and it was a perfect fit for our company"
- Regina M.
"Great software with a very responsive and dedicated staff. They are always improving and adding features based on user recommendations. Well done! "
- Matt D.
"Perfectly designed!"
- Matt D.
"Customer service is stellar! VR scheduler is always willing to go above and beyond."
- Jenny P.
"The level of customer support and care is over the top. We have been able to streamline housekeeper payroll and functionality. VR scheduler makes billing easier as well. Real time completion information are key."
- Jenny P.
"This has been a very positive experience for our organization as a whole. The integration went very smoothly and we can't imagine functioning without it now."
- Anonymous
Verified Reviewer
"VRScheduler saved my life!"
- Jane H.
"I've tested number of different solutions and VRScheduler is definitely the best one. Reliability, number of customizable features and EXCELLENT customer service is what makes it stand out. We have been using it ourselves and highly recommend it. "
- Daniel V.
"I love how the CEO created a very practical and sophisticated software program that is not only easy to use but is essential for this line of work. This particular software has the capacity to Streamline all of the day to day operations as well the ability to sync calendars form various booking platforms. It makes my life much easier and is essentially error proof. One of the best things about the VR Scheduler is that you have the option to utilize only the features that best suite your company's needs... making it feel tailored made just for you."
- Shera G.
"Wonderful! I highly recommend to those seeking an intelligent, intuitive and streamlining software. The customer service cannot be beat! "
- Shera G.
"VRscheduler was a game changer for us, as we schedule up to 125 cleans per week, as well as maintenance items. Everything is all in one place now and I can instantly see as tasks are completed rather than having to call around to each service provider for follow ups. They were absolutely amazing during our set up and she is always available when questions come up! Thanks again to VRscheduler for creating such an awesome software!"
- Brittany H.
Operations Manager
"After experiencing a large growth spurt in our vacation rental business, I knew that my spreadsheets wouldn't cut it any more-there was always a looming sense of "what am I forgetting" and never a free weekend to relax and not have to worry about what I was missing. VRScheduler has been a great tool for our business and I am excited to see it in full swing this summer rental season. My housekeeping staff that have had an opportunity to use the program are very impressed, and in fact as I hire new cleaning companies during our off-season they are most impressed with the VRScheduler capabilities and have vocalized they wished everybody in the Vacation Rental Industry used it! "
- Laura B.
Hospitality Manager
"Collectively summarizing your tasks and workforce in a easy to use and broad view format. A definite time saver! "
- Matt A.
"This program solves the problem of needing to interact with home owners or property management as frequently due to the live interaction with ICal links, we love that! and so do the home owners! "
- Naomi P.
Operations Manager
"We have been able to easily schedule all of our cleaning and maintenance services. Communication with all individuals that work with us is easy and all in one place. Every individual has a dashboard that is easily accessed on phones or computers. As a company, we have access to everyone's dashboard. Pictures can be uploaded for every property, which makes it easy to make sure things look right. The customized checklists have made life easier by allowing us to know what is happening at every property. Overall, we have been very happy with the service and the product! "
- Shelley P.
"This program has freed up a great deal of my time and makes it much easier for my manager to organize her time. I have to say that Customer support is an amazing resource to have.They simply gets us and never hesitates to answer any questions that arise.""
- Helen D.
"It takes hours away from scheduling and juggling many many clients and their different calendars and endless texts, calls and emails."
- Helen D.
"With VRScheduler we are able to generate reports to better evaluate where our resources are being used and where we can find efficiencies. We've saved time and achieved better accuracy over the paper timecards we were using in the past. Our vendors especially love the software - they've even tried to get their other clients to use it since it's made their workflow so much better. Lastly, we've been able to get reports tailored to our needs. Thank you!"
- Dana K.
"The automation and level of customisation available make this a very powerful piece of software for property managers. The amount of time and the reduction of human error has made such a positive impact on our operations. The buy-in from all of our employees has been extremely positive."
- Corrine H.
Director of Operations
"My experience is fantastic. I am so relived we finally found a software program for scheduling staff and guest needs that actually works. Our company has about 130 plus properties. This company is great to work with and has been more than accommodating to us and has been constantly improving anything brought to there attention. I have looked for over 4 years and use to manually do all the schedules and payroll. This saves time, it makes sure things get done, it creates a lot more structure, puts you more on auto pilot, can customize things to fit your company needs. My staff loves it also. I don't know what I would do with out it now that I am in it completely!"
- Lisa H.
General Manager
"Honestly, I have not found anything I do not like. It is easy to learn, easy to use and again, with the great customer service when we do find something we need to change, it's taken care of right away. There has been ample training along the way and for all the features not to mention the time and money I am saving... I am confident we'll be a customer for years to come. We've tried other softwares, VRSchedule is by far the best we have found for our industry and our needs "
- Pemela S.
"I like everything about the software. It seems to manage our tasks really well and keeps everything organized. "
- Betty S.
"I was previously keeping track of cleanings and delegating cleanings manually and using this software has enabled me to be more efficient and productive and has minimized the amount my human error margin. "
- Sandra C.
Housekeeping Supervisor/Guest Services
"VRScheduler is the only scheduling tool I have found that accommodates both my full-service rentals and the owner managed properties cleaned by my company. Before VRScheduler we spent hours copying booking dates into spreadsheets and other software programs. VRScheduler has turned a 20 hour a week task for my manager into 2 hours a week. With VRScheduler I can now grow my vacation rental business without the worries of missing cleans or maintenance tasks."
- Sean L.
"We are having better communication between office employees and on site employees!! It has stream lined maintenance issues and ensured they don't fall through the cracks. "
- Marianne B.
Property Manager and Owner
"The customer service was great! They put a lot of effort into getting us set up and adapting the software to our needs. One of our favorite tools is the iCal feature. Bookings automatically syndicate to our employees calendars, so they can check their schedules and tasks on their mobile device on the go. The automation saves us a lot of time and is more accurate."
- Amelie M.
"My husband and I manage our vacation rental on our own but we utilize an outside cleaning company. They recently switched to the VRScheduler system. It has been easy to use, I no longer have to manually send a spreadsheet of upcoming bookings. I am able to easily view all bookings, scheduled cleanings and most importantly reports of any damage in a very timely manner. Love how it integrates easily with our Airbnb and Homeaway. Less work on my end, no longer have to update separate calendars. I really like it so far!"
- Tina P.
Vacation Home Owner
"I can't say enough good things about VRScheduler. I have been managing the housekeeping division of a growing property care company in a premier recreation and vacation destination for 4 years now. We service vacation rentals from fully managed to just maintenance cleaning and everything in between. Before VRScheduler, I had been scheduling via emails with owners, spreadsheets with bookings and a separate database for my employee schedule. This was overwhelming, time consuming, and in busy seasons, it felt impossible to maintain accuracy. We are now up to 81 properties and are continuing to grow. VRScheduler has made this possibility a reality! "
- E.B.
Operations Manager

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