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Category: Smart Home
Locations: North America

StayFi is vacation rental WiFi that collects valuable guest data. StayFi makes it easy to brand WiFi, collect guest emails, and increase direct bookings – all while providing a better WiFi experience for guests.

  • - Collect emails from every guest, not just the booker
  • - Cloud-managed mesh WiFi system that is easy to install and simple to monitor

“StayFi’s solution provides a low-cost, non-invasive way of connecting with nearly every visitor who stays at our properties. It also allows us to customize our WiFi and standardize it across all properties and markets, which makes life easier for our customer service team.” Andrew Lenjosek, CEO at Upstay

Operto Teams Take It is not often a company comes along that solves an operational problem while helping with marketing. StayFi is one of those companies. They provide wifi to your guests with a simple, plug and play device that also collects guest data. At their price point, there is no reason not to implement.

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