Certify Staff to Give Owners and Guests Peace of Mind

VRScheduler's exclusive partnership with trust-d allows property managers to certify staff through trust-d's unique, intellengent, real time background check.

The trust-d program is integrated directly into your VRScheduler account for fast, efficient checks.
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How it works
trust-d minimizes risk delivering a global, re-usable, cross-vertical Trust Confidence Score.

Based on staff identifiers, trust-d conducts a search throughout public data warehouses such as:

The results of this assessment are just one input into their AI-driven algorithm.

The VRSchedule + trust-d program is free for all VRScheduler customers. Is your staff trust-d?

Note: Background screening databases are in the US, the EU and the UK and include international criminals. Other country databases are not included in the screening at this time. info@trustd.ai

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