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All sized vacation rental businesses run into the same fundamental operational problems. Hair on fire, buried under email, stuff everywhere. The good news? VRScheduler solves them.
Not sure if VRScheduler will integrate with your listing software? If you are technical, check your software for iCAL links and if they exist, sign up and choose iCAL. Otherwise Contact Us and we can most likely integrate with your platform.

Features at a Glance

Bookings Imported
Bookings Imported
Auto-import bookings from virtually any booking software.
Auto Generate Tasks
Tasks Generated
Auto generate tasks per booking based on your rules.
Drag and Drop Scheduling
Drag and Drop Scheduling
Easily schedule your employees with color coded regions, last minutes and quick changes on a drag and drop calendar.
Task Alerts
Email and text alerts can be easily configured for last minute bookings, about to be overdue tasks, completions, reported damage and more.
Employee Dashboards
Mobile friendly dashboards for employees to view checklists, instructions, upload images and report on tasks.
Set up checklists items and assign to property/service combinations.
Completion Notifications
Completion Notifications
Send notifications to yourself and/or the owner when tasks are completed.
View and download task and booking histories.

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Every once in awhile, someone comes up with software that makes a difference in our vacation rental management world. VRScheduler is one of those products. It relieved me of a task that has been very time intensive, and frees my time up to develop my vacation rental company. VRScheduler makes scheduling your housekeepers not only easy, but a breeze! Within just a few minutes I can set a week's schedule-I can even do it while I am traveling! And it assists in tracking damages, lost and found, and maintenance issues, while also helping to track vendor services such as hot tubs, lawn care and much more. Hands down VRScheduler is in the top five of my best technology software products in the vacation rental market. I highly recommend VRScheduler-and that you test drive it for free for 30 days!
VRScheduler has revolutionized my rental management company. I now receive all bookings automatically directly from AirBNB and VRBO, saving me hours in scheduling. The drag and drop employee scheduling calendar allows me to create weekly schedules for my employees efficiently, while making sure properties are not overlooked. Owner and Employee dashboards keep everyone informed and happy. I am so thrilled and excited that someone took the time to create a program to specifically meet the needs of my business. I will never go back to using my paper calendar again! I highly recommend you try this program.
VRScheduler is a fantastic program that has saved me hours of time coordinating cleaning staff, hot tub people and snow removal. It has eliminated the last minute reservations that at times have missed the cleaning. Also my staff can let me know the property has been cleaned, no damage and anything else that I might need to know. [VRScheduler] has been wonderful to work with and has made set up easy and quick. I would recommend this for anyone who needs to coordinate staff and wants to cut out hours of extra work.

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