Hot Tub and Spa Servicers
Save Hours, Eliminate Missed Tasks

FINALLY... a tool built specifically to schedule employees around Vacation Rental dates
along side your private homes.

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Bookings Imported
Bookings Imported
Auto-import bookings from virtually any booking software.
Auto Generate Tasks
Tasks Generated
Auto generate tasks per booking based on your rules.
Drag and Drop Scheduling
Drag and Drop Scheduling
Easily schedule your employees with color coded regions, last minutes and quick changes on a drag and drop calendar.
Task Alerts
Email and text alerts can be easily configured for last minute bookings, about to be overdue tasks, completions, reported damage and more.
Employee Dashboards
Mobile friendly dashboards for employees to view checklists, instructions, upload images and report on tasks.
Set up checklists items and assign to property/service combinations.
Completion Notifications
Completion Notifications
Send notifications to yourself and/or the owner when tasks are completed.
View and download task and booking histories.

How The Process Works

Complete Setup

Enter Employees, Properties and Service Schedules. Configure Alerts and Notifications.

Bookings Imported - Employees Scheduled

Bookings are imported into your calendar and associated tasks are auto-created. Easily assign each task, and prioritize Employee Task Lists

Close the Loop

Employee Dashboards keep completions accurate. Be alerted of tasks when they are about to be overdue. Loop in the Owners on services completed.

Pricing $2/property/month
$20/month minimum, 2 months free with 1 year subscription

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets and Wall Calendars.
Say Hello to Modern Task
and Employee Scheduling Software Today

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