Hostaway Connection Instructions

Step 1
Gather your Hostaway Account ID and generate an API Secret Key. Hostaway Instructions >>
Step 2
In your VRScheduler account, navigate to Setup --> System Settings, scroll down to the API Connections section and click the Add API Connection button.
Step 3
Click the Hostaway logo.
Step 4
Enter your Hostaway Account ID and API Secret Key from Step 1.

If you are currently using Operto Teams and switching to Hostaway from another property management system, follow the below steps

Step 5
Property Matching
Merge the Hostaway feeds into previously setup properties.
Navigate to Setup --> Properties.
Filter by Region: Region not Assigned.
For each property, use the Merge Feed To dropdown and select the previously set up property
Step 6
Master Calendar Review
With both feeds active, the new bookings should exactly match the old. The Master Calendar will allow you to easily review for import errors.
Step 7
New Task updating
The new bookings created new tasks. Use the Scheduling Calendar to schedule the new tasks and upate any notes - to match the old tasks schedules and notes.
Step 8
Request old booking Removal
Email to request your old bookings be removed from the calendar.

Check your Master Calendar for accurate properties and bookings.

Troubleshooting Tips:
1. Search Hostaway in our knowledgebase to see any specific statuses or requirements for import.
2. Use Setup --> Properties, Actions button, Request Pull from Hostaway to retry the import.
3. Contact so we can help to troubleshoot.