Beds24 Connection Instructions

IMPORTANT: Do not connect the Beds24 Account to VRScheduler until STEP 2 is complete.
If the Beds24 Account is connected without the correct length propKey's in place, all properties will need to be deleted from VRScheduler and reimported.

Step 1
Log into your Beds 24 Account.
Navigate to Account --> Account Access.

In the next empty API Key area enter:
API Key: Chosen by you, MINIMUM 16 CHARACTERS or connection will not work.
Copy the API Key. It will be entered when making the connection to VRScheduler
API Access Key: allow whitelist IP only
IP Whitelist:
Allow Writes: Yes
Property Access: Owned by this account only
Step 2
Navigate to Properties --> Access.
For each property, enter a propKey, MINIMUM 16 CHARACTERS or the connection will not work.
Step 3
In your VRScheduler account, navigate to Setup --> System Settings, scroll down to the API Connections section and click the Add API Connection button.
Step 4
Click the Beds24 logo.
Step 5
Enter your Beds24 API Key from Step 1.

If you are currently using VRScheduler and switching to Beds24 from another property management system, follow the below steps

Step 5
Property Matching
Merge the Beds24 feeds into previously setup properties.
Navigate to Setup --> Properties.
Filter by Region: Region not Assigned.
For each property, use the Merge Feed To dropdown and select the previously set up property
Step 6
Master Calendar Review
With both feeds active, the new bookings should exactly match the old. The Master Calendar will allow you to easily review for import errors.
Step 7
New Task updating
The new bookings created new tasks. Use the Sheduling alendar to schedule the new tasks and upate any notes - to match the old tasks schedules and notes.
Step 8
Request old booking Removal
Email to request your old bookings be removed from the calendar.

Check your Master Calendar for accurate properties and bookings.

Troubleshooting Tips:
1. Search Beds24 in our knowledgebase to see any specific statuses or requirements for import.
2. Use Setup --> Properties, Actions button, Import Properties from Beds24 to retry the import.
3. Contact so we can help to troubleshoot.